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Bahrain has the fastest growing economy in the Arab world.

News/Press Room

News/Press Room

July, 16 2012 — By Dr. Al Khalafalla,

Irans proxy war comes to Bahrain

Casual observers of the 2011 popular uprisings in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia have ... Read More

June, 15 2012 — FIKRA FORUM

No Room for Buyer’s Remorse in Bahrain

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February, 14 2012

An Article published by Bahrain American Council on the anniversary of February 14th

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December, 20 2011 — The rule of law is a prerequisite for democracy

The Daily Caller, by Dr. Al Khalafalla

Something extraordinary happened in Bahrain in November, but most observers missed ... Read More

May, 9 2011 — 10 years of democratic development in the Kingdom of Bahrain

A Decade of Reform

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April, 24 2011 — Wall Street Journal

Bahrain Says Meddling by Iran Risks Conflict

By Alex Delmar-Morgan MANAMA—Bahrain gave its sternest warning yet to Iran ... Read More

April, 15 2011 — The Washington Times

FAKHRO Bahrain Safe harbor with troubled waters Dialogue on protesters’ demands can restore peace

By Jamal Fakhro The world watches with alternating hope and alarm as diverse countries ... Read More

April, 13 2011 — Wall Street Journal

U.S. Says Iran Helps Crackdown in Syria

By Adam Entous And Matthew Rosenberg The U.S. has accused Iran of funneling ... Read More

April, 7 2011 — Charleston Mercury

DANGER ZONE The Week at Home and Abroad

By Richard W. Carlson Special National SecurityCorrespondent     ... Read More

March, 19 2011 — New York Times

Crackdown Was Only Option, Bahrain Sunnis Say

By Ethan Bronner MANAMA, Bahrain — When Bahrain’s pro-democracy movement ... Read More